Kyle Jaynes

B.A. student Environmental Science + Biology, Adrian College

Ph.D. student Ecology, Evolutionary Biology + Behavior, Michigan State University

Kyle was an intern in the NSF-REU Natural History Research Experience program at the National Museum of Natural History in the Bell Lab for summer 2017 and continued his research on Leptopelis tree frogs as his senior research project at Adrian College. Kyle is joining Dr. Sarah Fitzpatrick’s lab at Michigan State University in fall 2018!


Type Locality Project Interns!

Gregory Steffensen, James Madison University

Cerrie Mendoza, Eastern Mennonite University

Joe Barron, Cornell University

Greg, Cerrie and Joe were part of our Smithsonian Global Genome Initiative funded project to collect genomic quality samples from salamander type localities in Virginia. They helped with fieldwork, lab work and museum curation.


Grace Capshaw

B.A. Biology, University of Texas, Austin

Ph.D. student Department of Biology, University of Maryland, College Park

Grace was a Smithsonian Institution graduate fellow based in the Bell Lab at the NMNH summer 2018. She examined variation and evolution in the auditory system of Plethodontid salamanders using our new microCT scanner.